Christmas oh, white Christmas! Typical huge meal, why not? But what if El maletín Amarillo creates an authentic casino from the 1920s to the rhythm of jazz? Or a Christmas party at a Westworld Saloon?

Spring, cherry blossoms, longer days to enjoy them as a team… Do we have a picnic and play Dodgeball? Or, why don´t we create our own mini greenhouse or our portable spice garden?

Ffff… It´s so hot!” “I don’t feel like working, I want to go on vacation.” I think this employee needs a “Summer party.” What about an authentic American party with games and fireworks?

Autumn, dry leaves time, pumpkins… Is there a better way to motivate employees after holidays than with a Halloween party? A costume contest, trick or treating,
catering and thematic decoration


“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees”

Pablo Neruda